This is called "banner blindness," and shows why publishers and advertisers hate banner ads. People barely even look at them.
▲ 從這張範例可以得到一個結果,那就是不論你把網頁廣告放什麼位置,幾乎都不太會有人看。

On Google, the top five listings on the page get the majority of eyeballs. The red lines are the "fold" — the point at which you'd have to scroll down.
▲ 這是針對 Google 搜尋的研究結果,可以看到使用者的視覺焦點幾乎只集中在前五個搜尋結果。

Could we have a heat map post without Facebook? Photos catch the most eyes
▲ 這是針對 Facebook 頁面的流覽研究,結果照片好不好看才是最重要的,文字分享的內容反而沒那麼重要。

These Sunsilk ads show that just putting a pretty face on a copy isn't enough. It matters where she's looking.
▲ 這個研究範例也很有趣,你會發現人的視覺焦點其實會被廣告中模特兒的眼神角度所影響。若是廣告中模特兒的眼神有朝著產品,那一般人的視覺焦點也會朝著廣告中的產品看。



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